This Week in CN AI (13-17 May 2024)

The CNAI landscape has been successfully added to the larger CNCF Landscape, with live updates ongoing (e.g., WasmEdge). Key upcoming events include the OPEA community event and KubeCon China 2024, where the CNAI WG submitted a CFP to talk about the white paper and other efforts. Community members are also collaborating on a book about AI and ML on Kubernetes. Regular AI project meetings continue to facilitate collaboration.

Key Developments

  • CNAI Group Addition to CNCF Landscape: A new group, CNAI (Cloud Native AI), has been added to the CNCF Landscape. The relevant PRs were #3866 and #85 across different repositories, with the landscape now live and viewable here.
  • The CNCF WasmEdge runtime has also been added to the CNCF AI Landscape.
  • Intel launched the Open Platform for Enterprise AI (OPEA), aimed at easing GenAI adoption in enterprises. An event is scheduled for May 14-15 in Hillsboro, Oregon, and virtually. More information here.
  • The CNCF news summarier team within the WG is making great progress, more information here!

Events and Participation

  • KubeCon China 2024: CFP for the CNAI WG submitted at KubeCon Hong Kong on August 21.
  • Discussions around building a book on AI and ML on Kubernetes: multiple folks from the community are disucssingwriting a book outline on AI and ML on Kubernetes, asking for feedback and participation from the community .

How to Get Involved

The CNAI Working Group welcomes participation! Here’s how you can contribute: