This Week in CN AI (05-10 May 2024)

Dive into this week’s key updates brought to you by the CNAI working group, featuring the OpenSource Initiative’s exploration of OpenSource AI definitions, the advancement of the Model Openness Framework (MOF) to ensure true open-source adherence, and the integration of Cloud Native AI into the CNCF Maturity Model. Explore community-driven initiatives like the Generative AI Commons for tracking open-source model compliance and events including the Kubernetes Bangalore Meetup, the Meta LLaMa Hackathon, and OPEA Community Days. Discover how to get involved and contribute through the CNCF’s AI working group channels and documentation!

Key Developments

  • The OpenSource Initiative is working out what OpenSource AI means and working on a definition

  • Generative AI Commons and the Model Openness Framework (MOF):The model openess framework aims to counter “openwashing” by ensuring that open-source AI truly adheres to the principles of open-source and open access. Learn about the MOF here, and the Generative AI commons initiatives is working to formalize this process by tracking open source model and making sure they adhere to the MOF.

  • CNCF Cloud Native Maturity Model: The team is working to incorporate Cloud Native AI as part of the maturity model.

  • Upcoming writeups on challenges Cloud Native AI scheduling as well as introductions to deploy AI on Kubernetes.

  • The CNAI Landscape is one step away from the merge. A preview is available here. Let us know if you have feedback :)

Events and Participation

  • Kubernetes Bangalore Meetup: Presentation of the Cloud Native AI white paper in Banglore May 11.

  • Meta LLaMa Hackathon: Members of the working group participated in the LLaMa Hackathon in the Bay area.

  • Community Days by OPEA: Scheduled for next week in Portland and a future date in July in the Bay Area, these days aim to gather community members to discuss enterprise AI solutions and the integration of reference architectures for LLMs (Large Language Models).

How to Get Involved

The CNAI Working Group welcomes participation! Here’s how you can contribute: