[July] Cloud Native AI Working Group: Latest Developments

Recent developments in Cloud Native AI include enhancements in event-driven systems on Kubernetes, innovations with Knative EventTypes, and discussions around the KAITO project. Additionally, there are new cross-sectional initiatives between AI and different components of the CNCF landscape (e.g., sustainability). Key ongoing projects are in their final stages, including the AI scheduling white paper. Community engagement through presentations at summits and updates to our onboarding processes, encouraging active participation in future projects and discussions.

This Week in CN AI (05-10 May 2024)

Dive into this week’s key updates brought to you by the CNAI working group, featuring the OpenSource Initiative’s exploration of OpenSource AI definitions, the advancement of the Model Openness Framework (MOF) to ensure true open-source adherence, and the integration of Cloud Native AI into the CNCF Maturity Model. Explore community-driven initiatives like the Generative AI Commons for tracking open-source model compliance and events including the Kubernetes Bangalore Meetup, the Meta LLaMa Hackathon, and OPEA Community Days. Discover how to get involved and contribute through the CNCF’s AI working group channels and documentation!

This Week in CN AI (20-25 May 2024)

This week, the Cloud Native AI (CNAI) Working Group has made progress in several key areas. The whitepaper on the challenges of scheduling cloud-native AI workloads has been refined and is proposed to be titled “Challenges of Scheduling Cloud Native AI Workloads Whitepaper.” Additionally, a presentation on sustainable AI practices was delivered, focusing on optimizing power consumption for popular systems and introducing new tools and metrics. The group continues to seek community contributions and feedback to enhance these initiatives and drive forward the development of efficient, scalable AI operations in cloud-native environments.

This Week in CN AI (13-17 May 2024)

The CNAI landscape has been successfully added to the larger CNCF Landscape, with live updates ongoing (e.g., WasmEdge). Key upcoming events include the OPEA community event and KubeCon China 2024, where the CNAI WG submitted a CFP to talk about the white paper and other efforts. Community members are also collaborating on a book about AI and ML on Kubernetes. Regular AI project meetings continue to facilitate collaboration.

This Week in CN AI (03 May 2024)

Welcome to this week’s update on Cloud Native AI. We’ve seen exciting contributions that expand our landscape and enhance our collaborative projects. This update covers new developments and how you can actively participate in shaping the future of AI in the cloud-native space.

This Week in CN AI (22-26th April 2024)

The Cloud Native AI (CNAI) Working Group had another exciting week! Highlights include discussions with the AI Alliance, exciting new projects, and ongoing initiatives for shaping the cloud native AI landscape.

This Week in CN AI (19th April 2024)

Dive into this week’s key updates brought to you by the CNAI working group, including a new Kubernetes WG Serving proposal, advancements in AI monitoring with OpenTelemetry, and innovative projects like the Lingo Project and OPEA framework LLM engine. Explore community-driven initiatives such as the CNCF YouTube Summarizer and the evolving Cloud Native AI landscape and more!