Mission Statement

IoT Edge Working group focuses on topics of running workloads in edge computing environments and providing support for connecting far-edge devices. Evolving from the Kubernetes IoT Edge working group, it extends the mission to include a wider set of projects. Working group’s mission is to enable widespread and successful use of cloud-native technologies for IoT and Edge computing use cases. It will engage in the following activities:

  • Educate and inform users with unbiased information regarding edge computing related CNCF projects
  • Strengthen the ecosystem by fostering better collaboration between existing projects
  • Curate best practices related to the edge computing systems that are effective and actionable.
  • Identify gaps in the landscape and attract new projects to the ecosystem.
  • Provide technical support to users trying to implement edge computing systems


The working group is interested in all topics related to building edge computing solutions, including:

  • Developing and adjusting infrastructure for edge deployments. As an extension to the cloud, edge computing infrastructure needs modifications to meet edge conditions. Resource constraints and intermittent network connectivity are commonly considered topics in Edge computing.
  • Development and configuration of edge-specific workloads. How do we write and deploy our workloads to edge environments? Topics like multi-architecture builds, multi-cluster deployments, access to system resources and GitOps are usually discussed in this regard.
  • Cloud-native DevOps practices for edge environments. How do we operate our workloads in edge deployment scenarios? Typical DevOps and Observability topics need to be adjusted to edge computing environments.


The working group will build collaboration, knowledge, and projects in the edge computing space, including:

  • Publications, presentations and whitepapers on interesting topics - the group will try to stay ahead of the current technology trends and provide material on the latest innovative topics in the space.
  • Example architectures and demos - provide well documented use cases using existing projects and demos that can be used as starting point of future projects.
  • Standards, tests and certifications - the group will investigate if it is possible to certify solutions in well defined domains against known criteriums.
  • Metrics - provide guidelines for project planning in terms of resource usage.
  • Ecosystem updates - give updates about the landscape of cloud native projects on the edge at conferences, in publications, and to the Runtime TAG.

Current CNCF Edge-centric projects

The following is a list of well-known CNCF projects used in edge-computing solutions:

  • Kubernetes
  • KubeEdge
  • Akri
  • K3s
  • WasmEdge

The list is not exhaustive. Please submit a PR to add your edge-focused CNCF project or reach out to the #wg-iot-edge channel on Kubernetes Slack.


This WORKING GROUP follows the standard operating guidelines provided by the TOC unless otherwise stated here.

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